A New Tubal Permeability Test - HyFoSy

HyFoSy (Hysterosalpingo Foam Sonography) Tubal Patency (tubal permeability) test – is a safe, modern and painless method to test the patient’s tubal permeability using ExEm® foam via ultrasound.

Tubal permeability test is crucial in evaluating the state of the patient’s fallopian tubes and diagnosing infertility. Impaired or disrupted permeability can be one of the possible infertility reasons. According to our data, it can be the core infertility reason in 12-13% of women. HyFoSy testing is widely used as the main tubal patency screening method. In up to 80% of cases, patients did not require the usual hysterosalpingography test afterwards.

Unlike other tests, HyFoSy does not require hospitalization and does not require X-ray, thus making it more convenient and safer for the patient.


During HyFoSy testing, echogenic foam made from clear water and contrast material is injected via an extremely thin catheter is directly injected into uterine cavity. Meanwhile, the foam distribution in the abdominal cavity is monitored via ultrasound. If the foam does not reach abdominal cavity through one or both fallopian tubes, that means one or both of the falloptian tubes are impermeable.

The procedure itself is painless and takes no more than 15 minutes.



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