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Incredible December results! All of our patients treated this month managed to conceive, which means that December conception rate is 100%. This leads us to believe that Christmas is indeed a time of miracles. We wish you a merry upcoming Christmas!

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Over 70000 couples in Lithuania encounter fertility difficulties due to various reasons. If a couple cannot conceive after over a year of unprotected sexual activity, it is a severe red flag that must be addressed at gynecology clinic. If the woman is over 35, the visit should be after half a year. It is crucial to find the potential infertility reasons and apply correct treatment.

Breast self-examination should be performed every month after menstruation (5-12th day of the cycle). 

HyFoSy (Hysterosalpingo Foam Sonography) Tubal Patency (tubal permeability) test – is a safe, modern and painless method to test the patient’s tubal permeability using ExEm® foam via ultrasound.


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